It may not belong to Willy Wonka, but Singapore does have our very own chocolate factory. Our Year 2 students recently got a chance to visit the factory as a learning field trip. As part of the IPC Units of Learning – ‘Chocolate’, the students made a trip to Lemuel Chocolate, where they went through a 2 hour ‘Intro to Chocolate for Kids’ workshop.

During the workshop, the students learnt about the chocolate making process, painted their own chocolate bars and made their own truffle balls! Read on to find out what went on during the workshop.

Excited faces en-route to Lemuel Chocolate

Learning about the chocolate making process

Measuring out chocolate chips to make their chocolate truffles

Weighing the amount of cream – A good scientist and mathematician being really precise

Mixing them all together! After this, the chocolate mixture goes in the fridge for cooling

Up close and personal with the inside of the cocoa beans

Learning to separate the good and bad beans

A hand-made system to separate the cocoa beans and cocoa hulls

Fun fact! Did you know that scattering cocoa hulls in the garden helps to increase soil vitality and retain ground moisture?

Designing their artwork, which will then be transferred onto a chocolate bar

Tempering the chocolate for the chocolate bar

Transferring students’ artwork onto the chocolate bar!

Time to get their hands dirty and roll up some chocolate truffles! (thankfully they had an apron on)

Rolling and coating the truffles with cocoa powder

It was a messy affair but the students enjoyed the hands-on activities so much that the workshop was filled with laughter. Students also competed to see whose chocolate truffle is the roundest.

Happy faces after the workshop with their ‘chocolatey’ goodies to bring home

One-two-three, say “CHOCOLATE”

The students had so much fun while learning throughout this field trip. We hope to be able to bring students on more field trip lessons to enhance their learning and pique their curiosity.