The theme for 2021 Earth Day is ‘Restore Our Earth’, and as part of our efforts to raise awareness, TGI organised a few activities for our Grange Kids. All students and staff came to school in Blue, Brown or Green outfits – colours of the Earth.

4 activities comprising of challenges and knowledge quizzes for the students which involved science/numbers, music/poetry, art/language, and movement/teamwork were planned by teachers.

One of the activities which involved movement and teamwork is the ‘Puzzle Relay’. Students had to scavenge for the puzzle pieces hidden within the courtyard and garden to complete an Earth Day puzzle with a message on protecting the planet.

Year 3 students piecing up the puzzle together

Group 2 was the fastest – great teamwork and collaboration!

Year 2 students completed the puzzles even with a smaller class size

Another activity was learning science facts about the world through numbers! The students also did a simple dance to get their bodies warmed up and excited for the upcoming activities!

Learning facts about the world with Mr Kenneth and Ms Angelia

Year 1As warming up by dancing to the beat

Up next was music and poetry on saving the Earth where students danced along to the song – ‘Save the Planet’. Students also had to read a poem and reflect on how they can do their part to save the Earth.

Getting ready to groove along to the music

Student’s pledge to take care of the Earth

The fourth activity was Graffiti art where students were given a huge canvas to unleash their creativity and to write down their messages for restoring the Earth.

Year 1B student with her Earth drawing

Year 1As decorating their globe

Messages in different languages about Earth Day

Final art pieces by the students!

As part of the school’s collective effort to #RestoreOurEarth, we have integrated an Eco- Garden and Farm into part of our outdoor play area since the start of this year. Students plant and grow their own vegetables such as okra, eggplants, long beans, corn, and fruits such as melon and mulberries. Some of the students even brought plants home to grow.

Year 1B student with her family members showing off the long bean she took home to plant

We hope that everyone continues to do their part, or possibly do even more to restore our Earth!