Cambridge School Curriculum

Primary Years

The Grange is one of the first schools in Singapore to offer the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum under its Proficiency Frame of Learning, which covers the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science necessary for building foundation knowledge. Through an interdisciplinary inquiry-based learning approach, students are encouraged to expand their knowledge base and to become globally aware. To do so, we have embedded many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in our teaching framework.

Our internationally-qualified and experienced teachers take advantage of every opportunity that arises to promote learning. Through these learning experiences, students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and develop lifelong skills along the pathway of becoming globally-minded students.

A supportive learning environment

All spaces within The Grange are created with learning in mind. Students of The Grange will have access to the following learning areas:

  • Creative Studio
  • Music Studio
  • Visual Arts
  • Language Support
  • Sustainable Garden
  • Health and Physical Education (in partnership with JACPA)

Our Frames of Learning

Innovative and Nurturing Curriculum

The Grange’s Curriculum is designed for students aged 5 to 12.

It develops students to take ownership of their learning and nurtures them into lifelong learners. It encourages them to be respectful, responsible and globally-minded citizens.

The curriculum at The Grange is based on the 3 Frames of Learning.

The Proficiency Frame embraces learning core subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science – important for building foundation knowledge.

The Thematic Frame promotes curiosity through an inquiry-based approach to learning, where students learn through six interdisciplinary Units of Inquiry. Presented in themes, they incorporate challenges that are global and relatable. Students are asked to make connections with prior knowledge, becoming analytical, problem-solving and responsible learners.

The Creative Frame encourages original expression through application of music and visual arts techniques and technologies. Students apply their knowledge in music and the Arts to compose and create original works.

These unite to create an holistic education that enables our students to be adaptable, resilient, innovative and future-ready.