In late 2023, The Grange’s Mandarin foreign language students diligently prepared for the Youth Chinese Test (YCT). We are pleased to share an incredible achievement; a 100% passing rate among its students, with more than 80% of them receiving an outstanding score of 90% or better.

YCT evaluates mandarin proficiency in young language learners.

The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is an internationally recognised assessment that evaluates the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers aged 15 and under. It consists of listening, reading, and writing components which assess participants’ Mandarin comprehension and communication skills.

Students honed their language skills, practicing vocabulary, and perfecting their pronunciation under the supervision of our Mandarin teacher.

Achieving a 100% passing rate is no easy feat, especially when accompanied by such an impressive number of high scores. It reflects not just the students’ proficiency, but also the effectiveness of The Grange’s curriculum.

The 100% pass rate showcases the curriculum’s quality.

The school’s holistic approach to language instruction, which emphasises immersive experiences, cultural knowledge, and interactive activities, was key to this success.

The immersive approach drives success through cultural integration.

In addition, the success of The Grange’s Mandarin language programme goes beyond achievement in school. By equipping students with proficiency in Mandarin, the school provides them with valuable skills that will benefit them beyond the classroom. In today’s interconnected world, fluency in Mandarin opens doors to new opportunities in business, culture, and international relations, preparing students for success in an increasingly globalized society.