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Exceptional international education for a limited introductory fee of $15,840 per year.

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Welcome to The Grange Institution


The Grange provides an exclusive learning environment – just one class in each year group. We welcome students aged 5 to 11 of all nationalities, from expatriate families whose children are dependent pass holders and permanent residents who seek a primary education that encourages innovation and creativity. The Grange follows the English academic calendar, and delivers an international curriculum enriched with  global perspectives.

We aim for our students to be respectful, responsible and creative global citizens. Our comprehensive curriculum and programmes provide real-life learning opportunities, taking learning beyond the traditional classroom environment. Students of The Grange will have the ability to make connections with prior knowledge and learning. This is the key to becoming adaptable, resilient and innovative citizens of the world.

What sets The Grange apart from other schools?



With one class per year group, students at The Grange get individualised attention from teachers. We provide a unique social interaction platform, where students in every year group work together on school projects that promote co-operation and teamwork.


We believe that expression is as important as any subject. Being able to express themselves encourages students to be innovative, problem-solvers and risk-takers. Our specialist teachers are supported by a team of creators-in-residence, who encourage students to develop original works.


To ensure the continuity of our planet for future generations, we embedded the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Goals in our framework of teaching and learning. We believe that our students can play a part in creating a better world for the future.