We accept applications throughout the year on a rolling basis. Students must either hold a Dependent Pass (DP) or be a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore to enrol with The Grange.
Arts at The Grange
Excitement for learning is ever-present in our school.
Our enrolment process is often completed within two weeks, and we aim to make the admissions process as straightforward and pleasant as possible.


For any application to be processed, the Application Documents have to be submitted to us at enquiry@thegrange.edu.sg

Application Documents Checklist:

  • Application for Admissions form
  • Application Fee for each applicant (to be paid preferably via DBSMax)
  • Copy of Passport or Dependent Pass
  • Copy of report or reference from applicant’s current school
  • An assessment will be arranged before a place is offered


The pre-enrolment interview at The Grange is designed to provide teachers with a ‘snap shot’ of the applicant’s skills in literacy and math, drawing on the applicant’s prior learning and knowledge. The interview is conducted in a friendly atmosphere. It provides an opportunity for the applicant and members of The Grange team to get to know each other and for applicants to share their interests and aspirations for their future learning journey with us.

Enrolment Documents Checklist:

  • Enrolment form
  • Enrolment Fee for each applicant (to be paid preferably via DBSMax)
Important Reads:

01. Wait List

02. Priority Placements

03. Entry Requirements

04. Refund Policy

Downloadable Documents: