Some of The Grange’s students found themselves in the dazzling world of the Korean film industry. This unforgettable experience was part of the hit Korean drama series, “The Day”. Their involvement as background actors provided them with an exciting glimpse into the entertainment world, gaining practical understanding of performance and the intricate processes behind television production.

Student taking direc.ons from the producer, preparing for her onscreen moment

The Grange provided the setting for one of the series’ most pivotal moments, and students worked together with the production team to bring the story to life onscreen. The series has achieved a rare feat by maintaining top nationwide viewership in Korea for seven consecutive episodes.

Bringing their energy and to the set.

This collaboration between The Grange and “The Day” underlines the school’s commitment to providing students with holistic educational opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. As Cre8tors-in-Action©, students are encouraged to apply their learning in real-world contexts, fostering the development of essential skills that will serve them well in their future ambitions.

Produc.on team working .relessly to bring magic to the screen

The Grange community extends its warmest congratulations to the production team for their outstanding success.