Parent Testimonials

Dear Ms Yin San,

Our daughter’s school life in Singapore started with you. You have guided her to the right place, full of patience and understanding. One time, she was saying that Ms Yin San is so cool, doing difficult things on the computer like this, *mimics movement candidly*. She is so lucky and grateful that her first teacher in Singapore is you!

Have a great Teachers’ Day!

Ruriko Ikura, Mother of Tsukino Ikura, K1

My daughter is the first student in the Preschool. Head Teacher, Ms Yin San, and the Assistant Teacher, Ms Febe, have built strong connections with her. They also took good care of her. Going to school is one of her favorite things each day. Here’s wishing Ms Yinsan and Ms Febe a happy teachers day!

Bonnie Zhao, Mother of Qiao Mu Doris, K2

I’m confident my son’s school life in TGI is precious and priceless in his life.
Therefore, there is nothing more than I would like to say but thank you to teachers. Big thanks to the school and teachers for providing such a wonderful environment filled with opportunities.

Kiwook Yang, Father of Eito Yang, Year 2 student

Dear teachers,

I am grateful to you for teaching me subjects which I never understood. I am so lucky to be your student. You made learning fun. Happy Teacher’s day!

Minami Motohashi, Year 4 student

Dear teachers,

I would like to thank you for all your support, kindness, love and effort you put in to make my child feel comfortable and welcomed in the new school. Only you could have made it possible for her to adjust. We are very grateful for your efforts!

Faiza Khan, Mother of Nahal Khan, K2

Dear teachers,

Thank you for always supporting me. I may find things difficult and challenging, but I want to turn each challenge into meaningful memories in my life. I love you teachers!

Konosuke Ishizuka, Year 2 student

Dear teachers,

We thank you about being so passionate about teaching young children. Under your guidance, our child has developed well and we are happy.

Areena & Deepesh, Parents of Evaara, Year 1

We cannot express enough thanks to all the teachers at the Grange for supporting our child with extra kindness and care. It is hard to imagine how much effort and patience are required during these difficult times. Thank you so much for being there for our son.

Akito Hattori, Father of Sohya Hattori, Year 2

Dear Miss Yin San & Miss Febe

Thank you for supporting and teaching my child. The way you teach, the care you gave, and the love you share makes you both the best teachers!

Viyaan adores you both so much. He always praises his teachers. He became a good reader and that is all because of your immense support and care. Thank you so much for your all efforts!

Garima, Mother of Viyaan Gupta, K2

Teachers are one of the most important people in our lives. Our family is so glad that my daughter has met the most wonderful teachers at The Grange. Thank you so much your wisdom, kindness, and all the sweet moments created with our child. You are awesome and amazing!

Zin Wai Phyo, Mother of Phyo Nathar Cho, Year 1 student