Parent Testimonials

As an anxious parent of a 6 year old, when I first visited The Grange Institution, I was expecting the principal, teachers and admins walking me through the various facilities, the rules and regulations, this and that which I had heard from many schools that I visited as part of my school hunting. But I was rather welcomed by confident, experienced, warm and smiling faces, who ensured me that my child will be safe with them. I was doubtful until I took my son, Naythan to visit his new school and meet his to be teachers. To my surprise, Naythan was all excited and confident to start the new school after the visit.

All the appreciation for the confidence I witnessed in my child goes to the teachers. The efforts that the Grange teachers put in in creating a comfortable space for the children to grow, learn, nourish and excel is preeminent.

The assurance I receive from every teacher in Grange ensures me that my child will learn, grow and thrive personally and academically in The Grange Institution. Naythan is blessed to have such wonderful teachers around him.

Reshmi Robbins, mother of Naythan, Year 2

The Additional English Language teacher conducts her classes to suit six-year-old Ayako’s pace of learning using engaging methods. The small class size also helps build her confidence in the language. Ayako can now speak confidently in English and we’re very satisfied with her progress! Friends always share that their child’s English language classes at school cost extra, but not at The Grange.

Teppei and Yuko Kuritani, Parents of Ayako, Year 1B

We moved to Singapore from Shanghai in July 2017. Our second daughter Haruhi has been attending The Grange Institution for over half a year. The new school is small in size, so the students, families and teachers know each other very well; there’s loads of individual attention and respect. Everyone has good relationships with one another despite being different nationalities across different grades.

Students observe and discover nature every day at the sustainable garden designed by the dedicated teachers. Every morning, they play various sports and enjoy gardening. Our daughter takes Japanese lessons as a second language and English as Additional Language lessons. She’s also had the chance to study Mandarin and Bahasa Malay during language class, along with music activities.

We visited many international schools after moving to Singapore. We choose The Grange Institution after going on a school tour and talking with the teachers; they have a wealth of experience and a clear educational vision. The school’s Cambridge curriculum was also attractive. In all, we felt that the school was unique. Our daughter is bright and has an open mind, but we can see improvements in her personality and confidence. She has grown in positivity, creativity and curiosity for the environment. All this comes from good guidance and coaching from teachers and good relationships with school mates. Now she is very happy to perform in front of teachers and friends, especially playing the piano.

Kojiro and Kaori Tanaka, parents of Haruhi, Year 2

Gabriel is attending The Grange Institution and is in Year 2. Michael and Raphael are in Kinderland Preschool next door (sister school of TGI); they’re in K2 and Pre-Nursery 1 respectively. When we learned that we were going to move to Singapore, we researched and looked at many schools. Since our older sons were in school in Hong Kong, it was important for us to find a good school that would facilitate the big move and help them adjust to the new environment. It was also paramount that the school provided good quality education at a reasonable price.

A good point about The Grange Institution is that the days starts at 10am and ends at 4.30pm. this means that our son has more rest and a calmer morning routine (his previous school in Hong Kong started at 7.45am). This also allows for more family and personal time. The teachers, principal and staff are very kind and nurturing towards the students. Principal Eugene Low makes it a point to greet all students who come into school in the morning.

The school teaches the International Primary Curriculum and the children have units of learning there they cover different aspects of a subject viewed from various perspectives. This system is recognized worldwide, meaning that our children can transit seamlessly if we relocate again. Our advice to parents looking for a school for their child is to go for a site visit, talk to the staff and get a feel of how the school is run. See whether it matches your beliefs and, most importantly, whether it will suit your child’s learning needs.

Uma and Daniel Preve, parents of Gabriel, Year 2