Academic Leadership

Our Academic Leadership Team has years of school management and consultancy experiences behind them.

Ronald Stones OBE

Director of Schools

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Eugene Low


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Teaching Faculty

Our Teaching Faculty consists of certified, qualified and experienced teachers and practitioners. Many of our teachers have been hired for their specific interests and qualifications but most importantly, they shared a common vision of the type of children we are helping to develop.

Helen McPherson

Year 1A Teacher

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Julie Cooper

Year 1B Teacher

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Magdalena Ackermann

Year 2 / Additional English Language Teacher

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Emi Morishige

Japanese Language Teacher

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Chen Lih Jiun

Mandarin Language Teacher

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Serena Yeoh

PSPE / Math / Science Specialist Teacher

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Slone Lim

Art Teacher

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Charis Leo

Music Teacher

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Adila Sayyed

Coding Instructor

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Full List of Teachers
Academic & Exam Board