Dear Students,

Welcome Back to School.

The teachers and I have missed you dearly.

We are so delighted to be able to welcome you back on campus today. Over the last few days, our teachers, staff and cleaners have worked hard to ensure that we implement safe measures and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of our campus to make sure that you will be safe and well-taken care of for the next 10 school days.

Over these 10 days, we need you to show personal responsibility to protect yourself by wearing a mask at all times, remembering to hydrate regularly and making sure you continue to wash your hands regularly, and show social responsibility to take care of others by not coming to school when you are unwell, maintaining safe-distancing, and avoid inter-mingling with other classes. Please cooperate with our teachers with the new measures we have put in place for you and kindly help me take good care of your teachers as well.

Together, we will continue to make TGI a safe school for all of us!

Stay safe and keep healthy!

Best regards,

Eugene Low
The Grange Institution