Excelling in a Technology-Dependent World

An article from the World Economic Forum In 2018 shared that in 2 decades, automation could replace 800 million jobs. Labor-ready adults will experience a decrease in opportunities as job roles start to shift.

“The knowledge-based approach of “200 years ago”, will “fail our kids“, who would never be able to compete with machines. Children should be taught “soft skills” like independent thinking, values and team-work” – Jack Ma

The Grange recognizes this shift and our philosophy towards teaching and learning is to prepare our students for the future.

An Amazing Place to Learn

The Grange provides a dynamic environment to nurture and encourage students to be creative and think out of the box.

The demands of the future landscape show that it is even more crucial to equip students with life-long learning skills. We believe the transferability of skills is vital for our students to rise up to challenges in the future.

While theoretical and knowledge-based learning is still important, equipping students with well-developed interpersonal skills and the ability to think critically is as crucial, if not more in the coming age.

The Grange Advantage

The key to The Grange Advantage is balance. Through the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum, students build a strong foundation of English, Mathematics and Science. Our transdisciplinary approach through Units of Inquiry allows our students to acquire the transferability of knowledge and skills, which is key to being adaptable in different situations.

Our strong focus on creativity and sustainability brings together a holistic child, who is a true globally-minded citizen. We do this through our unique S.T.E.P (Students’ Transdisciplinary Experiential Project) initiative. These projects teach essential life skills, and encourage students to be innovative, problem-solvers and risk-takers.

While it seems that people in the future could be easily replaced, The Grange is nurturing a group of students who are future-ready and irreplaceable.