Academic and non-academic staff at The Grange Institution (TGI) spent two days together prior to the start of Semester 2, upgrading themselves at a workshop conducted by our principal – Eugene Low. The focus of this workshop was to strengthen their understanding of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and how can they improve on the delivery of this thematic curriculum. We even welcomed two teachers joining us from another international school in Singapore who were keen to learn more.

Professional Development for both academic and non-academic staff

This workshop was an important refresher for teachers on how to take advantage of the IPC’s flexibility, adapt learning units to children’s interests and level of understanding to deliver them in a creative and engaging way. The participation of non-academic staff offered different perspectives and prompted new ideas through various brainstorming activities. Typically, only teachers receive professional development for curricular areas. At The Grange, we want the whole school to have a better understanding of the programme that we do.

Exchange of ideas allows creativity to flow

The workshop not only reinforced the teachers’ knowledge on the Units of Learning, it also helped them with improving classroom practice, ameliorate students’ learning outcomes and examine various methods they can use for assessing learners. In addition, the teachers had the opportunity to brainstorm on the various methods and tools available for the implementation of innovative and effective classroom practices that can encourage students to think differently.

A mindmap was curated as a working example of how a Unit can be delivered

With Semester 2 in mind, the workshop provided teachers an opportunity to do collaborative planning, exchanging ideas and sharing effective classroom practices amongst peers. Throughout the two days, the teachers fostered stronger bonds and built closer professional relationships that could further support their aspiration to become more competent educators to the young learners.