The atmosphere at art exhibitions is typically quiet and serious. Not at The Grange. Parents of our Year 2 students were invited to an art exhibition with an interesting twist.

For their Exit Point for IPC Unit: Paintings, Pictures and Photographs, students transformed the Multi-Purpose Hall into a gallery, showcasing a series of art, music and movement that they’ve put together. Inspired by their visit to the National Gallery Singapore, they recreated a version of themselves into one of their favourite classical paintings. Creativity was on show here, with students making use of a variety of props found at home to dress themselves.

Students subsequently put up a dance performance that integrates Music, Technology, Art and Physical Education. Check out photos of their showcase below, and a ‘secret message’ delivered at the end of their showcase!

Pre-exhibition class briefing

Students sharing about their recreated paintings with audiences

Invited attendees viewing the various photo recreations

Pre-exhibition class briefing

Graffiti art created by students on individual panels to form a ‘secret message’