A tepee and a surprise in a box

Creativity appears in all forms and dimensions at The Grange. An enormous sealed brown box and a tepee frame was the provocation as the students arrived at school before formal classes started. Befitting our sustainability goals, all the items in the provocation were recyclable materials that were kept for later use during the setting up of the school.

Students showing teamwork by transporting a box of mysterious content.

The students eagerly took on the first challenge of collectively transporting the box from one location to the next, and with great anticipation ripped open the box to reveal its content. To their surprise, they were met by an ‘explosion’ of flexible tubular packing foam that were compressed tightly in the box. Without prompting, the students’ natural curiosity and wonder were stimulated and they took over to experiment and explore the endless possibilities of what could be done with such flexible tubing.

Exploring the various possible uses for the packing foam.

Working together to creating the tepee’s shelter.

Their next challenge was to collaboratively create a structure to provide shelter using the recycled materials that were in front of them. Who would have thought that children could have so much fun solving problems with not a digital device in sight, except for the camera used to take the photos?