International schools in Singapore provide education for students in a largely international environment. The curricula offered are typically foreign, such as the UK system, American system or any other international curriculums like the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) or International Baccalaureate (IB). Students who attend international schools typically seek pathways into foreign universities in other parts of the world.

Fees of Private International Schools are higher than those of local schools because they are not entitled to subsidy from the government. Cost of curriculum, training, relevant facilities, salaries and many other costs subject to market forces are factored into the school fees. The question is, are international school fees in Singapore considered expensive?

An article by Study International in 2019 reported that international school fees in Singapore are amongst the lowest amongst popular expat destinations across the globe. International schools in Singapore strive to provide quality international education at a reasonable fee.

Below is a comparsion table from Study International (2019):

 1 Beijing US$8,097 US$31,353 US$41,389
2 Shanghai US$4,830 US$30,046 US$38,853
3 Zurich US$8,052 US$25,630 US$31,406
4 Shenzhen US$11,365 US$24,577 US$31,679
5 Lausanne – Vaud US$14,840 US$24,296 US$35,296
6 Geneva US$14,840 US$24,296 US$35,296
7 Toronto US$14,840 US$21,979 US$25,283
8 Seoul US$8,008 US$21,475 US$30,887
9 Singapore US$4,406 US$20,910 US$37,859
10 Guangzhou US$11,231 US$20,741 US$29,818
Source: International Schools Database