The Grange uses technology as an integral tool to support our students’ learning to make them more effective in achieving the desired outcomes. This follows the introduction of the school’s future-focused curriculum to support our unique Cre8tors-in-Action©  educational philosophy aimed at developing and equipping our students with the following eight core competencies.

  • Construction & Design
  • Respecting the Environment
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Active Citizenship
  • Teamwork & Partnership
  • Original Ideas
  • Recognising Issues
  • Service Leadership

The school’s Technology curriculum develops students’ computing skills and digital literacy skills. As students progress through the year levels, they are exposed to, and taught how to use a range of different word-processing, data handling and presentation softwares, according to the tasks on hand and the intended audience.

We want to develop our students’ digital literacy so that they become skilful at using technology for communication – to access information, collect and record information, analyse data to synthesise information, and then to present information, thinking about the purpose and the audience – and for Coding. Internet safety and cyber etiquette are also important knowledge and skills we impart to students.

Coding is taught within the school curriculum hours on a weekly basis. It provides children with brain gains in information processing, logic, problem solving, experimentation and creativity. Coding, in effect, teaches students to think critically and solve problems.

“The Coding class exposes us to technology using iPads and Macbook Pros. Through the ‘Scratch’ app, we learn how to programme games. We command our sprites to move and speak. The lesson encourages us to think logically about how we want our sprites to carry out various instructions.”

Yuna, Kayleigh & Rein (Year 2 & 3 students)