Our holiday camp programmes offers an immersive experience for students. From Language-based to Sports-based camps, students can select programmes based on their interest.

Fun With Flying

28 – 30 March 2022

A fun filled enrichment program to inspire the aviators of the future.

Participants learned about the history of aviation, from the Wright Brothers, its many pioneers, concepts of timeline and the development of flight through the
ages – From the myths and folklore to practical flying. Students were introduced to the principles of flight, the importance of air in flying, parts of planes, helicopters, unique aircraft designs.

Lessons are designed to fulfil the STEM Methodology and taught by professional aviators. Participants received an ‘Aviation Kit’ that included hand-launched glider, twirlers, kites, parachutes, etc. It also included a mini-drone which they flew under close supervision of these experienced aviators.

ArKIDtects In Wonderland

29 – 30 March 2021

ArKIDtect in Wonderland presents a fun and architectural twist to the story of Alice in Wonderland. While on a fun and exciting journey to seven architectural “wonders”, the ArKIDtects were met with an unfortunate earthquake that demolished these wonders. To restore the wonders, they will need to scavenge for recycled materials and learn about the architectural wonders in the process. 

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Richen Academy

13-17 January 2020

In partnership with Richen Academy Primary School, Taiyuan City, Shanxi, China

The Grange hosted teachers and students from the Richen Academy Primary School for a week. Richen Academy Primary School is our first partner school in China. They are a private Chinese school that is also offers the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), similar to The Grange.

The purpose of this one-week immersive experience was for the Taiyuan students to experience the multi-cultural and multilingual living and learning environment in Singapore.

During the week, these 7-8 year-old students got to experience a totally immersive English classroom environment as well as visited many exciting sites and experienced a variety of different food and transport in Singapore. Through a fun learning approach, the students got the chance to improve their listening and oral English speaking skills as they learn to use the language to engage with local residents in Singapore. They also learned to develop and extend their social and self-management skills.