Raising funds for a good cause during the season of giving

Being an entrepreneur is not just about setting up a business and making a profit. An enterprising individual should be able to identify a niche, conceptualise an idea or product for this niche, and sell it to a target audience. In addition, they need to be willing to take risks, work towards their goal, be creative, and stay optimistic amidst any setbacks.

Part of our learning outcomes from Cre8tors-in-Action© is to inculcate within them an Entrepreneurial Spirit. This was the challenge set for our Year 3 students for their final International Primary Curriculum (IPC) unit for the year – Young Entrepreneurs.

Our very first marketplace at The Grange, managed by students themselves

Tapping into to the festive mood, the Year 3s decided to set up a Christmas Marketplace along the corridor. This marketplace will feature various booths, offering a variety of products and services that they think their peers and teachers will enjoy. From homemade cookies, carnival games, to shoulder massage (yes, the teachers probably need that!), every idea was carefully thought out before they went ahead to prepare the logistics.

Carnival games were a big hit at the Marketplace

At the start of the IPC unit, the Year 3 students prepared a presentation and invited their parents to school for a coffee morning. They presented their ideas and vision for this marketplace, and asked for their parent’s support for their preparation towards this event. Their ultimate goal – raising funds for their charity of choice.

Anticipating a large crowd, they reached out to their peers in Year 4 to help with managing the counter for purchasing coupons and a few of the booths.

Year 4 students volunteered to help manage the coupon exchange booth

Our first ever marketplace was a rousing success, with a number of items sold out during the first session; much to the dismay of the second group. Most importantly, the 2-hour marketplace raked in $1,000 worth of coupons sold, and all of the proceeds were donated to our neighboring elder care centre.