At The Grange, our safe management procedures since the start of COVID19 had been said to be very strict, often above and beyond what the local authorities mandated.

I had been through SARS before and had lost people I know to that fight; hence, there was no way I would let any of my loved ones at home and at school be taken victim by this COVID19 virus.

No man can do it all; I am blessed to have the whole community stand behind me these last months.

To show our care, the management and I have prepared 4 care packs so far for all our staff and students.

Care Pack 1: When masks were not readily available and scarce, we gave masks to everyone.

Care Pack 2: Replenishment of masks for everyone.

Care Pack 3: Right before we sent everyone home for the School Closure, we issued everyone a bag of 2 apples (An apple a day keeps the doctor away; 2 to keep the virus at bay!) and own-made sanitisers.

In the recent Back-To-School Care Pack 4, we prepared a sanitiser spray and an apple for the students, and a bag of anti-bacterial wipes and sanitisers for our staff.

Semester One is ending soon. I wish all my staff and students, and their families, would continue to take good care of themselves, always!

Stay safe and Keep Healthy!

Best regards,
Eugene Low
The Grange Institution