Promotional International School Fees

This promotional fee of $19,900 will apply till the end of the Academic Year 2021. The first 20 applicants will get to enjoy a full waiver of our Application fee of $500, and 50% off our Enrolment Fee of $2,000.
Amount (S$)
Non-Refundable Application Fee$500 Waived
Amount (S$)
Non-Refundable Enrolment Fee$2000 $1,000
LevelYearSemester 1 Fee incl. GST (S$)Semester 2 Fee incl. GST (S$)Annual Fee incl. GST (S$)
Primary Curriculum110,668.9710,668.9721,337.94
Primary Curriculum210,668.9710,668.9721,337.94
Primary Curriculum310,668.9710,668.9721,337.94
Primary Curriculum410,668.9710,668.9721,337.94
Primary Curriculum510,668.9710,668.9721,337.94
Primary Curriculum610,668.9710,668.9721,337.94
Instalment ScheduleAmount (S$)Due Date
1st Instalment10,668.97Upon signing of contract
2nd Instalment10,668.97Before the start of 2nd semester
ItemsCost (incl 7% GST)
Uniform$40 per set
PE Attire$30 per set
Cap$12 per cap
Library Bag$2.50 per bag
Field TripAmount will be covered by parents for any field trip which is above $50 per field trip

1st child enrolled: Full fees

2nd child enrolled: 5% off school fees

3rd child enrolled: 10% off school fees

*Based on number of children enrolled concurrently at any point in time.
**Discount will not apply to enrollments during promotional school fees.

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Fee Structure