Upcoming School Events

These are some of the cultural and learning events and activities that we have planned for the coming school year. Details of the events will be disseminated to the community nearer the actual dates.

Ongoing – linked to Units of Learning

To support students’ process of learning in every unit of learning, we will identify suitable incursions and/or excursions with the aim of consolidating students’ knowledge, developing their skills and deepening their understanding. Excursions, in particular, will also serve to provide host country links to the unit of learning to promote students’ understanding of Singapore and it man-made and natural environments.

Ongoing – dates to be advertised

Assemblies are organised regularly throughout the year. At assemblies, students’ successes are celebrated and opportunities are provided for students to share their learning from different subjects through a show-and-tell, songs, skits and poetry.

3 Jun (Wed) – TBC
Sports Morning