Message from the Principal 

Welcome to The Grange Institution!

It is my privilege to be leading the community at The Grange Institution (TGI) in Singapore. Our school’s vision is to develop creative, respectful and responsible global citizens who see themselves as active servant leaders who can positively impact the world and people around them. We value each child as a unique individual and a positive member of our school community.

Our team of dedicated and experienced educators and support staff are committed and motivated to support this vision in providing quality learning experiences and a conducive learning environment where every child can experience success. Our curriculum is well balanced and designed around 3 Learning Frames to engage the learners through different means, where each learning frame is independent yet interdependent of one another.

The Proficiency Learning Frame is supported by the Cambridge International English, Mathematics and Science curriculum which will provide a solid foundation that will prepare every learner well into the middle years. In additional, we offer every student at TGI the opportunity to take an additional language within the school hours.

We deliver the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) under our Thematic Learning Frame. At every year level, students are engaged in different thematic Units of Learning designed to appeal to their interests and help them to learn more about the world around them. These Units of Learning help children to see how subjects are both independent and interdependent. This enables them to see the big picture of their learning, make connections across different subjects, and see topics and issues in the world from multiple perspectives.

Our Creative Learning Frame is truly a unique effort to develop creators who take action as a result of their learning. Throughout the year, where there is an authentic link to the Units of Learning, we seek out real-world artists, painters, photographers, musicians, dancers, drama artists, writers, poets, illustrators, innovators and entrepreneurs and invite them to come into the school to inspire our young children and give an insight into their creation process. We believe that our Creators-in-Action programme will challenge our students to express their identity, originality and voice through creative actions.

At TGI, we value parents as partners in education. We hope you would invest your interest and time to be informed, to participate in learning opportunities and to help us extend your child’s learning beyond the classroom.

I am confident that the educational experience at TGI caters for all dimensions of a child’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical well being. We look forward to you joining our family here at TGI.

Eugene Low
The Grange Institution